Festivals and local celebrations

In Cartagena

Holy week . Declared of International Tourist Interest. It takes place each Easter week every year.

Cartagineses y Romanos. Declared of International Tourist Interest. They take place the second fortnight of September and commemorate the conquer of the old city of Quart Hadasht by the Romans.

La Mar de Músicas.The music festival from all over the world is celebrated in July since 1995.

Jazz festival. It is celebrated in November since 1980.

In Murcia

Holy week. The most prominent procession is Salzillo’s Processsion, Good Friday Morning.

The Fiestas of Primavera( Spring festival), include the Entierro de la Sardina ( the burial of the sardine) and the Bando de la Huerta, declared to be of International Tourist Interest.

The Romería ( the pilgrimage) of the Virgin of the Fuensanta, a 5 kms procession from the Cathedral to the Sanctuary of La Fuensanta.

In Caravaca

The festival of the Stma. and Vera Cruz of Caravaca. Declared of International Tourist Interest is celebrated on the first five days of May. The Caballos del vino ( Wine horses) and Moros and Cristianos ( Moors and Cristians) are the main events.

Cuadrillas Festival. Declared of National Tourist Interest, the popular music festival is celebrated on the last Sunday of January.

Medieval street market. It is celebrated in December . All the city becomes a medieval town plenty of shops and performances that attract thousand of visitors.

In Águilas

Carnival, declared of International Tourist Interest, the main events are the Battle between Don Carnal and Doña Cuaresma, the Cuerva contest ( Sangría competition) and the famous night and day parades.

In Lorca

Holy week, declared of International Tourist Interest. The original and spectacular staging is the strong point in Lorca.

Feria de Lorca, also known as Feria Grande ( the big fair) is celebrated on the last 10 days of September. You can enjoy with the funfair, the chiringuitos, day fair or the concerts.

Fiestas de la Patrona ( Feria chica), the small fair, it is celebrated during the second week of September in The Virgen de las Huertas area.

San Clemente festival. (Musulmanes, judíos y cristianos). November 23rd is the patron saint festival, San Clemente. You can enjoy watching the Muslims, Christians and Jews parade or visiting the medieval market in the old town.

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