Construction Quality

Residencial LEVANSUR HOME one

C/ Contramaestre y C/ Jose María Sanz Fargas

San Pedro del Pinatar


Insulated footings and bracing beam, all with the aim of adapting to the conditions of the land on which we support the building.

The structure is configured by reinforced concrete structure, totally fulfilling the current regulations. The building will be equipped with a grounding network.

Flat roof accessible in the solariums with formation of slopes, waterproofing with asphalt sheet, thermal insulation with polystyrene plates extruded and finished in non-slip stoneware pavement suitable for outdoor use.

The building seeks the contrast between the different volumes, which starting of simplicity, give the whole a sober character while endowed with a modern and avant-garde aspect. The coating on the main body will be plastered white cement mortar for exteriors, combined with stoneware areas to be determined by the technical management. The configuration of the enclosure is with double partition, with internal insulation complying with the technical code.

Masonry and insulation
The separation between dwellings is made up of double ceramic brick partition with insulation between both partitions. The interior partitions of each dwelling are executed also by brick with a double hollow 7 cm thick and finished in plaster of plaster screeded to machine. Smooth plastic paint on plaster trim on wall coatings. In the bathroom where the pre-installation of air conditioning, the false ceiling will be removable plates to facilitate its installation and maintenance.

Flooring and exterior tiling
Non-slip stoneware in terraces, porches and non-slip porcelain stoneware in solariums.
Stairway steps with non-slip stoneware. Flooring of porcelain stoneware throughout the house. In bathrooms, stoneware tiles are available, while in the kitchen the painted or tiled walls are partially combined, giving the whole an integrated and current image. (* Possibility of choosing tiling and flooring).

Carpentry and exterior glazing
Exterior carpentry of aluminum profiles in standardized color to be chosen by the technical management, with double glazing with air chamber. The joinery of the exits to terraces will be of sliding leaves of large dimensions and height, with aluminum louver blinds of the same finish with injected polyurethane to achieve greater thermal insulation. Terrace railings with safety glass on metal frame, with a height complying with current regulations.

Carpentry and interior glazing
Reinforced entrance door, MD sheet lacquered inside and metallic to the exterior, with steel structure and pre-frame, locking device, double lock security, anti-lever hinges, panoramic peephole and brickmounld in its external face. Inside doors and fronts of cupboards in MD lacquered in white color. The cabinets are fitted wardrobes, with sliding and / or folding doors and with drawers, storage cupboard overhead and hanger rail.

Indoor installation of the house with plastic pipe of approved material. Bathrooms with: • Prefabricated resin shower trays, at the same level as the floor of the bathroom and with integrated shower panel. • 1st quality bathroom fixtures and fittings. • Furniture of washbasin with mirror and halogen in both bathrooms.

Electrical installation of high grade 9.2 Kw (the contracted power will be 6.9 Kw, with possibility of increasing it at the request of the client). Indor installation with mechanisms NIESSEN, SIMON or similar brand. Indoor lighting of homes according to the lighting plan with downlight led. Television sockets in living room, bedrooms, terrace and solarium (depending on the type of home). Telephone socket and data collection in living room and bedrooms. Access of housing to telecommunications services in broadband through optical fiber according to current regulations.

Lacquered locksmith to the furnace in closing of the urbanization, gates of entrance to homes and in entrances from the beach to the swimming pool.

Fully furnished with low and high furniture, with extraction hood. Quartz countertop with sink and drainer. The following appliances are included: dishwasher, refrigerator, conventional oven and microwave.

Pre-installation of air conditioning
Pre-installation of air conditioning (hot-cold air) through ducts, prepared for installation of the indoor unit in false bathroom ceiling. The thermostat control will be located in the dining room. Sanitary Hot Water (DHW) will be produced by air-conditioning kit, keeping an accumulator with hot water, with support punctual electrical resistance.

Community installation of satellite television signal reception equipment, executed according to the ICT project, with HD digital satellite receiver in each home.

Private solarium
The solariums have electric plug, TV connection, lighting and water faucet.

Swimming pool
Pool area: Located in the common areas of the urbanization, a pool for adults of approximately 29 m2 of water sheet, finished in gresite and interior lighting with color changes, with stairs for people with reduced mobility. Showers, sun beds and umbrellas.

Customization of housing

Ceramic wall tiles (porcelain stoneware flooring and tile tiling) bathrooms and kitchen) may be chosen at no cost according to the Customization Catalogue.

All homes have a 10-year Damage Guarantee for the fundamental work in compliance with Law 38/99 of November 5, on Building Regulation (LOE) in the opinion of the technical team, the afore mentioned materials may be replaced by other of similar or superior quality, always with the same quality of materials defined in this memory.